Mindy W., Chicago, IL, June 2019

Working with Olivia as our day of coordinator was one of the best wedding decisions that we could have made! She will be an advocate for you throughout the planning process and will make sure that everything runs smoothly the day of. She was immensely helpful in the last 3 months before our wedding, especially since we were living out of state, planning to move to another state 3 weeks before the wedding, and had many other obligations during this time. Having Olivia during this time was such a relief and minimized our stress. During the wedding weekend, she gracefully managed our 20 person bridal party and families. If there was any question or concern I had, Olivia was already one step ahead and had already addressed it or was on top of it. I would highly recommend her services to any couple, you will not regret it!


Diana, Petaluma, CA, September 2019

I never pictured myself as someone who would hire a wedding planner, as I’m detail-oriented and organized and was excited to plan my wedding. Nonetheless, I am SO glad we decided to work with Olivia during the entire wedding planning process. Once we got planning, I quickly realized just how many details there are and how many vendors are needed and that while we could do it on our own, it would not all be fun and easy. It was unbelievably helpful and reassuring to have guidance from someone who had done this many times before and who had experience within the industry.

From the beginning, Olivia provided planning timelines and checklists and helped us prioritize what tasks were most urgent. She researched venues and vendors for us, scheduled visits and meetings, and developed a budget for us. The venue we ended up booking was found through her network! Ultimately she did so much of the time-consuming detailed back-and-forth work that we weren’t excited about doing, researching and contacting vendors and collecting quotes. She made sure we knew what questions to ask vendors and felt fully comfortable with them before we booked. She reviewed contracts with us before we signed them. We hired a different day-of coordinator because Olivia was a guest at our wedding and Olivia handed off everything seamlessly to her; we didn’t have to do anything additional on our part. We knew we could trust her to keep track of all the details.

Olivia was extremely responsive to emails and was always willing and able to set up quick check in meetings. She checked in regularly, asking how we were feeling, and if we were stressed or worried about anything, she was quick to talk us through things and find solutions. Olivia’s abundant experience in the industry gave us a sounding board and a guide for dreaming up the whole event. We threw hundreds of questions at her over the course of our planning and she always patiently answered each one. When getting off a phone call with Olivia, we always felt better and reassured that everything was going to work out great. That was priceless!

One thing that made Olivia stand out from other wedding vendors was her recognition and enthusiasm for the significance of our specific wedding. With many of our vendors, it was obvious that they work on dozens of weddings a year and, while they did an excellent job for us, our wedding was just another in their season. But Olivia always celebrated that this was an important day for us and made us feel special. At times she seemed even more excited than us! Her excitement was contagious and would lift us up when we were feeling overwhelmed or stressed, reminding us of how magical the wedding was going to be. Overall, I highly recommend working with Olivia. She’ll make sure your wedding day and the entire wedding planning process is as streamlined and easy as possible so that you can fully enjoy the magic of your special day.


Andy + Sachi, Chicago, IL, August 2019

We are so glad that we decided to work with Olivia at Olive Fine Weddings & Events to plan our wedding. She made it so stress-free, easy, and fun. This is no small feat because we live in California and we were planning our wedding in Chicago. It was critical that we had a trusted partner on the ground in Chicago to give us local recommendations, check out venues for us, and help us navigate all the other vendor meetings. For all this and much more, Olivia was great.

She was super helpful throughout the planning process, then she kicked it into another gear during the week of the wedding. When we met with her one week before the day, she assured us that she was taking over as the primary contact for all of our vendors and all last-minute decisions. She told us that our job at this point was to focus on spending time with our friends and family. One week before our wedding and feeling pretty stressed, this was exactly what we need to hear. On our wedding day and throughout the whole crazy weekend, people kept telling us that we seemed so chill and laid back. We were able to be that way because of Olivia and her awesome teammate Ashley.


Caroline M., Chicago, IL, August 2019

Words can honestly not describe how amazing Olivia was as our wedding planner. From the moment we first spoke, Olivia went above and beyond. We hired her for the month/day of, but she was still so responsive to any questions I had throughout the way. As we neared our wedding, Olivia’s organization, dedication and professionalism were unbelievable. She seamlessly coordinated with all my vendors, fielded emails for me and made me beyond confident that our wedding would go perfectly. I never once questioned her ability to perform above and beyond. She was so encouraging and comforting when I was nervous about something, and calmed me when I was stressed, in the days and even minutes leading up to the ceremony. Our ceremony, photos and reception went perfectly, so much because of Olivia. I’ve never met someone so organized and good at their job. She was constantly checking in on me, making sure I was doing okay throughout the whole day and night of our wedding. This was so comforting as a bride and I was so thankful for her! The two girls that helped Olivia on our wedding day were also fabulous and I felt that I could trust them with anything. This review does not do Olivia justice, and she exceeded all my expectations. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and have already told my friends (engaged and not) that they must use Olivia for their wedding. Thank you for all that you did for us Olivia. You are truly a godsend.


Sally O’Donnell Photography, Chicago, IL, August 2019

Olivia and her team worked a wedding with me last weekend (I'm a photographer!) and they were a delight to work with! Olive Fine Weddings was professional, kind, fun, and easy to work with. The energy Olivia and Ashley brought to the wedding we worked together was low-stress and fun. I hope to work with them again!


Chelsea R., Chicago, IL, August 2019

We could not have been happier with Olivia. Not only was she insanely organized, professional and good at her job, but she was also a friend during the whole process.

I never had to worry about things not getting done and I always knew if I could not put into words at that moment what I wanted, she would do it for me and it was exactly what I meant.

Your day can be very stressful and goes by so fast. Both my husband and I were able to take it all in and also actually enjoy every minute of it. All thanks to Olivia. She is so talented and gifted. Don't miss the opportunity to work with such an amazing wedding planner.


Leigh H., Chicago, IL, July 2019

Hiring Olivia was definitely one of the best decisions of my wedding planning process. I was hesitant to hire a day of coordinator as I didn't want to spend the money but it was definitely worth every penny. She started working with us 8 weeks out and we started with a meeting to go over every detail down to the minute of what we were hoping for our wedding day. She had a lot of great ideas and gave honest feedback to some of our not so great ideas : ). She was prompt and concise when reaching out to all of our vendors and made sure that once she was on board that we took a step back so we could breathe a bit. Her timeline was detailed and worked close to how we wanted it to, my only complaint was some extended downtime during dinner but it could have been my fault running around talking to people so we couldn't start speeches!

The day of she was great in keeping things moving and most importantly helping me calm down! I was incredibly anxious most of the day but her calm demeanor and positive attitude really helped me get through the day.
Unfortunately we got married on the hottest day of the summer, with temperatures reaching above 100 degrees. Our plan for the cocktail hour was to have 2 bars out on the veranda and one inside but because of the heat no one went outside. This inevitably caused a massive crowd near the inside bar and a lot more heat and commotion then there should have been. Before I even found out about this issue Olivia let me know she was working on getting the reception doors open ASAP so people were able to move in there. She was great in working with the venues team to make sure everyone was happy and cool!

She worked very well with our bridal party and was a great mixture of positive but stern if they weren't listening to what needed to happen. To end the night she brought all of our extra decorations to our hotel and left with the baggage check so we wouldn't have to worry about it.

Her assistant Rebecca was also fantastic. She was with the boys most of the day so I don't have much exact feedback but my husband said she was great and easy to work with! During dinner my husband and I really wanted a cocktail instead of wine so went to get one and she stopped us in our tracks to see what we needed and went to get our drinks for us so we could mingle with our guests.

There was also one issue where the Champagne we brought in ourselves was not chilled and the bartender was snippy with my mother but Olivia and Rebecca sorted it out quickly and everything then on was fine!
All in all Olivia was a great partner, resource and planner and really helped make our day absolutely perfect. We would definitely work with her again and would happily recommend her to anyone in need! Thanks so much Olivia and Rebecca!!!!


Lexi B., Chicago, IL, July 2019

From the moment I had my first call with Olivia I knew I wanted her to be our planner. She is so kind and makes you instantly feel comfortable like she is there to be your friend and support system through this whole, often times stressful or overwhelming, journey. Having Olivia provided me with an indescribable level of comfort.

In the first few months she talked through my vision, supplied me with checklists, budgeting tools, vendor recommendations and facilitated conversations where I didn’t even know how or where to begin. She reviewed all of my contracts, provided feedback and suggestions and attended all meetings where she was the voice of questions and answers that I would have never known I needed to know. There’s so much that goes into planning a wedding that I was so unaware of, or couldn’t figure out the best way to navigate it, and Olivia was that dependable person I needed by my side to walk and talk me through it all.

That final month in a half out, when I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, is when Olivia’s presence really shined. Going into this there are so many different vendors and personalities that somehow need work perfectly in sync on this very special day and you can’t help but wonder “how the heck is this going to actually go smoothly.” Then you see Olivia step in and there is an unexplainable sense of ease that runs over you. And as she told me – her job is to play interception and make sure if anything goes wrong, I don’t know about. And that’s exactly what she did – flawlessly. Our wedding day went on without a hitch! There was even a point where I needed Olivia to have a conversation with a vendor I didn't want to have and the situation was instantly rectified and the night continued on perfectly. Do yourself a favor and choose Olivia to be your planner. I miss her already!!


Scott R., Chicago, IL, June 2019

My husband and I worked with Olivia at Olive Fine Weddings & Events, and hiring her was hands-down the best decision we made for our wedding. She helped put together our schedule and worked with our vendors to ensure the night went off without a hitch (or if one happened, she handled it smoothly without letting it affect us!). She never made decisions for us, but was a perfect coach for all our planning needs, and coordinated the day-of so seamlessly that we did not need to glance at our phones once. Olivia was always professional, extremely responsive, and really made sure the wedding was everything we wanted it to be. We could not have had the amazing wedding we did without her. We can’t recommend her highly enough.


Lauren H., Chicago, IL, June 2019

Remember J-Lo in the wedding planner? She had all the answers, could fix ANYthing, had a plan B, C, D, E, F, G? She was a bad ass. Well, meet Olivia… She is AHmazing! and she’s married so she won’t steal your groom ;)

A little background on me… I was planning my Chicago wedding while living in Hawaii and I really tried to everything on my own. While planning my dream wedding I was also preparing to move to another country with my soon to be hubby. Wedding planning, moving to literally the other side of the world, and oh yeah I should probably start looking for a new job. I needed help but I’m a cheap A$$.So I turned to family for help. I am 1 of 5 girls and its always CHAOS!its usually super fun & entertaining but sometimes turns into the “Company is Coming!” video. If you haven’t seen it, click this link and you will know exactly what I am talking about

I heard of Olivia through a family friend and I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am for her. First of all, follow her Instagram and you can see how creative and unbelievably talented she is.My only regret is not hiring her sooner.
Olivia was reaching out to me on a regular basis making sure I was keeping up with things, asking if i needed help, etc. The week before and days leading up to the big day she was so wonderful in calming my nerves, assuring me things would run smoothly, keeping me on track, anything I needed! As I mentioned before, my family is chaos. We have even earned the nickname “The Grizwolds” because things tend to go wrong when it really seems to matter.example.. my sister broke her leg in Peru on day 4 of 17 and we needed to go back to the US so she could have emergent surgery…. really? I had nightmares for 2 months of what could go wrong at our wedding.

Olivia has this magical power to keep you calm and less stressed. I knew I could trust her even though I barely knew her. I could tell she knows what she is doing and she is damn GOOD at it!

Throughout the day you have a million people asking you questions or your opinion or how you want something done.. I’m pretty sure my most used phrase was “Ask Olivia what she thinks”.

Olivia and I over the months talked about my vision constantly. But when people ask you where you want things or how you want them put together, I don’t have the creative eye like she does. She knows what looks good or better yet what looks BAD. she knows what flows well, the best way for things to run smoothly which is ultimately what most people want. Having her there gave me the freedom to relax and enjoy the entire day and eliminate all the chaos and frustration when things didn’t go exactly as planned.

And if I haven’t convinced you enough.. After the wedding we set up an after party across the street at a bar. Olivia and her assistant gathered ALL of the decorations/pictures/etc (and let me tell you, I had ALOT) so I could go enjoy the after party with my guests. She packed everything up, Including my cards so I wouldn’t have to carry them out with me and risk losing them, brought everything to my hotel room. She great, right? No. It gets better…. When we left my hotel suite it was a disaster from all the girls getting ready. She had our room serviced so it was clean when we arrived ANNNND she had a plate of chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us. I TOLD YOU SHE AH-MAZING!
Olivia, you are wonderful & can’t tell you how grateful I am for you. YOU are the reason my wedding was PERFECTION.


Samantha A., Central PA, June 2019

Olivia is absolutely amazing. She thinks of every single detail, making sure your t's are crossed and i's are dotted so you can enjoy your perfect day. She was always happy to answer any questions I had a long the way, never making me feel like a bother (I had roughly 6,000 questions). I emailed her every time I hit a road block, and she gave the best advice on how to handle the situation, without ever stepping on my toes (control freak over here).

Leading up the the wedding, she coordinated with our vendors, relatives, and hosted several Skype meetings with us to update us on progress and collect more information. When it came to our big weekend, I truly do not know how we could have done it without her. I can honestly say I did not realize how badly I would need a coordinator until I NEEDED HER. As I was getting ready in the morning, I realized my veil was a crumpled mess of wrinkles because it had been shoved in a bag since I bought it. I texted Olivia, obviously panicked, and she handled it right away! She literally went to the store, bought a steamer, then came in the bridal suite and steamed my veil while I was getting my makeup done. I mean seriously?? This girl was a super hero. My grandparents were late to our ceremony, Olivia kept me calm and we started the ceremony late so they could be there. Our ceremony was outdoors, and it would have been a major hassle to get a DJ set up out there. Instead, we downloaded the songs we wanted onto a playlist, and Olivia operated our music, in addition to making sure the processional got down the aisle smoothly. Even the following morning, she was still on her A game for our farewell brunch. The caterer forgot to provide coffee, which could have been quite disastrous after a night of drinking. However, before I even had a chance to stress about it, Olivia was already on her way to Panera to pick up boxes of coffee.

I cannot say enough good - we are so eternally grateful. Your wedding truly goes by in a blink of an eye - you deserve to enjoy every moment. Hiring a planner really takes a huge weight off of your shoulders, and Olivia is literally the best.


Susan D., Chicago, IL, May 2019

Olivia was indispensable to our wedding planning. She was with us every step of the way and helped us make sure we were able to have the wedding we always dreamed of. She was always a text, phone call, or email away and was quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had. On the day of, she was a wizard behind the scenes, always there to make sure we had any supplies we needed in a pinch. She has an incredible eye for detail and helped us get all the little things right. We couldn't recommend her enough to anyone looking to plan a fantastic wedding!


Meghan J., Chicago, IL, November 2018

Working with Olivia was hands down the best decision we made as part of our wedding planning process. If you don’t already know it - you need a wedding coordinator! Olivia was exceptional at keeping us organized and stress free leading up to the day of the event. Her day-of coordination services began a few months prior to the wedding and allowed us time to get to know her and feel more comfortable working with her. She offered excellent suggestions and insights for any vendors we had not yet booked or questions we had.

She was our main point of contact with all our vendors and I got overwhelming feedback that she was excellent to work with. Our photographer said in her 9 years of shooting weddings, this was the best coordinator they had ever worked with! Olivia helped pulled together a detailed timeline that kept our families on task and allowed us to build a schedule that made the day run so smoothly!

The day of the event Olivia was there by my side to help with any request I had - grabbing me a glass of water, helping adjust my hair, literally tying my shoes! At the end of the night, Olivia made sure all our items were gathered and delivered to our hotel. She kept us organized and truly allowed us to enjoy our special day. Our wedding was perfect and went off without a hitch thanks to Olivia’s help and coordination. I would highly recommend her services to any bride!


Lindsey G., Ithaca, NY, August 2018

Olivia is literally the best. She was beyond wonderful throughout the entire planning process as well as day of. She is professional, artistic, calm (very important!), thoughtful, organized, and efficient. She is also just a fun person to plan such a special day with and to be with on the wedding day. We can't recommend using Olivia enough. I don't think that we could have pulled off having a 275 person wedding that required us to bring in EVERYTHING from the outside (water, electric, bathrooms, tents, tables, flatware, glassware, catering, etc). She really took the challenge and made it seem easy. We really looked forward to planning calls with Olivia and she turned something that could otherwise be stressful into a fun process. THANK YOU!

Mother of the Groom

Liz G., New York, NY, August 2018

This review is slightly different. I am not a bride or a groom. I am the mother-in-law. 

Mother-in-laws have a unique reputation and I wanted the wedding planning process to go extremely smoothly and start a new mother/daughter-in-law relationship in a fun and stress free manner. 

That is where Olivia begins her role in the wedding plans. Olivia created an environment that was not only stress-free but was also fun. Olivia always had a smile on her face and displayed such warmth during all the decision making. Olivia was also sensitive to the different personalities and helped navigate all conversations. Olivia was so organized that we just had to check our lists and keep up with the timetable.

Olivia made our bride feel so special. Olivia helped create a magical wedding weekend for the bride and groom and our families and friends with elegance and grace. Thank you so much.


Meghan B., Ithaca, NY, September 2018

Short story: hiring Olive Fine Weddings was the best decision we made about our wedding.

Longer story: I didn't think I was the type of bride who would need a wedding planner. I'm pretty organized, and I was confident I could take care of everything myself. And the thing is - I probably could have, but it would have been way more stressful and way less fun, and our event certainly wouldn't have been as perfect as it was with Olivia on the job.

We initially hired Olivia for day-of coordination. Our ceremony and reception were at different places, which is always tough; Olivia helped us manage the two spaces and transportation between them. She handled communication with the many parties involved at both locations - from musicians to caterers to building managers. She even transported our flowers from the church to the reception venue.

I can't possibly emphasize how amazing it is to have Olivia managing your wedding day: day-of, we never had to check the time, make a phone call, or worry that something or someone wasn't going to show up at the right time/place. Olivia handled our guests - guiding them out of the church for a bubble exit, helping them find their seats when it was time to switch from cocktail hour to dinner, and letting them know when the cake was being cut late in the night - AND our wedding parties, keeping track of the time based on the timeline we came up with together. With Olivia, our day never felt like it was scheduled: even though we'd built a timeline, she guided us through it so naturally that there was never a moment where the evening felt planned or forced.

What really made Olivia invaluable to us, though, were her wedding planning services. As I mentioned, we didn't think we needed that initially, but as the wedding drew closer we were having a lot of issues with communication with our reception venue (our wedding was in Ithaca, NY but we live in Boston) and it was becoming really stressful. When we asked Olivia for help, she jumped right in. Eventually, Olivia took over communication with our venue entirely, working vendor-to-vendor to save me anxiety and filling me in after each call. The week of your wedding, Olivia will get in touch with all of your vendors about final times and details - so you're not spending your rehearsal dinner worrying about when the flowers will arrive. We also had a LOT of vendors - two venues, a six-member band, florist, cake, church musicians, etc - and she managed all of them so smoothly. She even managed our payments, so we didn't need to worry about money, tips, etc at our reception.

Finally, Olivia is all business in action, but all empathy in interaction. She literally called me from her honeymoon when I had a crisis with seating arrangements. She's an old friend of mine in real life - but even if you don't know her before hiring her, she'll feel like a friend right away. She balances what your priorities are with what makes sense for your budget, venue, and specific event. She also argues for your vision: if you want something a specific way, she'll guide your vendors to make it happen, even if it means drawing up floor plans herself. And she does it all in a way that leaves you with little to no anxiety - just excitement. (Plus, she is a huge romantic and gets totally excited for you as you decide on every detail!)

We had great vendors, but Olivia's touch was what took our wedding to the next level. We can't recommend her enough!

Parents of the Bride

Tim & Katy B., Ithaca, NY, September 2018

Olivia from Olive Fine Weddings & Events was a superstar as a wedding day coordinator! Far before the actual day, Olivia communicated with all of us, planned, organized, met with vendors, negotiated, and essentially scripted the needs of the day so everything went flawlessly. She took care of the biggest and smallest details with skill, relieving us of many of the things we easily could have missed. She communicated expertly with all parties the day of the wedding, making sure everyone knew where and when they needed to be places, tending to last minute logistics, and overall ensuring that the families could concentrate on enjoying this special day. Having Olivia coordinating the wedding weekend made a tremendous impact on how smoothly the weekend went. She handled the business aspects, the nitty gritty, and even the emotional needs of everyone involved with grace and care. We can truly say the participation of Olivia and Olive Fine Weddings & Events was a difference maker for our joyous occasion!


Maureen H.

It's important to have a planner who you as a couple connect with personally and who the other vendors you choose enjoy working with. I can say with confidence as a fellow wedding professional that you will find Olivia to be both of these things. You will get the best from your florist, stationer, rental company, caterer, and all the other creatives you hire when you work with Olivia. She will help you prioritize what you care about most and will clearly and passionately communicate with all your vendors so that your day is seamless, cohesive, and beautiful. 

As an event designer and stationer for events planned by Olivia, I found my creativity could bloom more freely knowing that she was the support system who would facilitate my designs. When your vendors feel less stress about communicating with their clients and other vendors because they have an impeccably detail-oriented planner to coordinate, they can focus on what they do best, whether it be to prepare a beautiful meal, decorate your tables, or design luscious floral arrangements! 

Olivia thrives as a Wedding Planner because both pieces of that title are equally important to her. She LOVES love. She will cry when you walk down the aisle, but she'll wipe away her tears quick enough to cue the quartet. She'll make your day one you can truly enjoy and I bet you'll have a whole lot of fun planning it with her. Plus, I suspect you might even leave the whole process with Olivia as dear friend.


Jen D., Ithaca, NY, September 2018

I was a bridesmaid in my friend Meghan's wedding last month [September 2018] in Ithaca, NY and Olivia was the wedding planner. I cannot speak highly enough of Olivia's work. Everything about the day was perfectly organized. Meghan was able to live in the moment because Olivia had everything under control - from small details to how the bridal party's belongings would get from the bridal suite to the hotel downtown, to larger logistical projects like organizing the ceremony rehearsal and the post-ceremony photos with the family/bridal party, Olivia was on top of everything and communicated all the information calmly and clearly. She is also a warm, optimistic and upbeat personality that helped keep everyone in a great mood on what can be a long and stressful day. You could not find a better person for the job!


Cindi S., Chicago, IL, May 2018

I'm convinced that if I hadn't chosen Olivia Nicoletti as my wedding planner, I don't think I would have made it through my wedding day!! Olivia is organized, efficient and phenomenal as a planner! I live in Oregon, and getting married in Chicago, IL, needed a planner to help me with the final 4 months before my May 19, 2018 wedding. And honestly, I wish I would've retained her earlier!! Olivia created a timeline and ensured that I'd not left anything out, and we didn't meet in person until 2 months before the wedding! Every vendor was contacted, the church and reception sites were visited personally by her. Her knowledge of the local vendors helped me find a limousine for the wedding day transportation, as well as making suggestions along the way to help me clarify my vision for the most important day in my life. She worked closely with my photographer, reception catering manager, and my Mom to make sure that everything ran smoothly for the reception, impressing them all with her organization and most of all, her personality. Olivia is a blast to work with, she is fun, but gets everyone to do whatever is needed in a kind, self-assured way. When I was felled by a stomach virus early in the reception, Olivia kept things going, getting my sister, who is a nurse to help me, and the reception going at the same time, and kept my husband calm too. Our guests barely noticed that I was gone, they were having a great time, and when I got back up on my feet , the fun continued. And that's important, Olivia is ready for anything and everything when things don't go as planned, her assistant Ashley was there on the wedding day to make sure that even when Olivia wasn't, everything was running smoothly. Even after the reception ended, Olivia was there for us, arranging with the catering manager to deliver our cake topper and cake to us and sending our book of vows to us from the church. Brides-to-Be, if you need a planner, look no further than Olive Fine Weddings & Events, you will not be disappointed!


Leslie Carrère, Principle, Treman Center, Ithaca, NY

Olivia Moore Nicoletti's wedding at the Treman Center summer of 2017 was over a year of in depth planning with excellent communication. We agreed to take on a large wedding not typical for our place, because of her expert coordinating skills as a professional event planner in Chicago. 

Throughout the year we engaged with calls, emails and meetings from a formal tasting with the caterer at the center to detailed spreadsheets covering everyone, everything and intricate staging details including an enormous tent that filled the field. 

From contact information of all involved to hourly time sheets of set up, rehearsal, day of, brunch following and elaborate decor, the result was a seamless perfect day wedding event of 300 people including the caterer and wait staff of 30. 

If you are looking for an event planner for whatever your celebration or gathering may be, I highly recommend Olivia for her creative and charming nature and her professional skill set in making it the best.


Ashley J., Washington, DC

AMAZING! Olivia came on board as our wedding coordinator a few months before our wedding and it was truly the best decision we made. In fact, if I could do it over again I would have hired her when I first started planning the wedding. Olivia was so organized and on top of everything. She was always available to chat if I had any questions or concerns. The day of, Olivia and Ella made sure everything ran smoothly and that everyone was where they needed to be on time. They helped set up the reception, which looked amazing, coordinated with vendors, even ran out during the reception to grab eye lash glue, and had everything cleaned up and in my suite at the end of the night. I did not have to worry about anything! I had multiple people come up and tell me how much they loved our planners. They really were the best!

via Chic Weddings & Events


Katy Daneshvar, Owner, Le Chateau de Crystale, Washington, DC

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Olivia Moore twice, now. She is incredibly great at what she does as an event coordinator. She stays calm under pressure, anticipates your needs and is an excellent communicator. As a business owner, myself, I recognize the qualities to look for in another vendor. Weddings are a big deal--as big as they get-- and I get asked all the time who I would recommend for certain services. If I can't think of someone in the first three seconds, they haven't earned my referral! Olivia certainly has earned that privilege and I am at ease knowing my clients are in good hands. Looking forward to our next endeavor, together!

via Chic Weddings & Events

Bride & Groom

Julie & Erik Linton, Virginia

To say that I was overwhelmed at the thought of planning a wedding would be an understatement.  I was completely terrified and had no idea where to start.  Luckily, my sister knew of a girl, Olivia, who was interested in becoming a wedding planner.  After our first conversation, I knew I had made the right decision.  

Olivia is such a sweet person, always upbeat, and ridiculously organized.  We would have weekly conversations to chat about our timeline and what needed to be completed next.   I am a bit of a procrastinator (ok, a big procrastinator), so she would keep me on track.   She was in touch with my vision of our perfect day and found the best people to get the job done.  I love how Olivia is so dedicated without ever being pushy.  

Our wedding was absolutely perfect, and we couldn’t have done it without Olivia!


Catherine Pearce, Conference Services Manager, Wintergreen Resort, Wintergreen, VA

I have had the pleasure these past few months to work with Olivia Moore as the wedding coordinator for the Larkin/Linton Wedding event, culminating yesterday and a hugely successful affair.

Olivia was efficient from the booking of the vent, through the planning and selection stages and effective in handling the rehearsal (in the pouring rain!) and the day-of coordinating with a professional manner and a smile that was genuine.

Her communication was clear and I felt she had the couple's ideas and ideals in hand so with her help, the resort was able to shine and we were able to provide the perfect event for them.

I would highly recommend Olivia and her expertise to any couple seeking guidance through the maze of wedding planning. She can take any event and turn it into the vision perceived.