Cindi S., Chicago, IL 

"I'm convinced that if I hadn't chosen Olivia Nicoletti as my wedding planner, I don't think I would have made it through my wedding day!! Olivia is organized, efficient and phenomenal as a planner! I live in Oregon, and getting married in Chicago, IL, needed a planner to help me with the final 4 months before my May 19, 2018 wedding. And honestly, I wish I would've retained her earlier!! Olivia created a timeline and ensured that I'd not left anything out, and we didn't meet in person until 2 months before the wedding! Every vendor was contacted, the church and reception sites were visited personally by her. Her knowledge of the local vendors helped me find a limousine for the wedding day transportation, as well as making suggestions along the way to help me clarify my vision for the most important day in my life. She worked closely with my photographer, reception catering manager, and my Mom to make sure that everything ran smoothly for the reception, impressing them all with her organization and most of all, her personality. Olivia is a blast to work with, she is fun, but gets everyone to do whatever is needed in a kind, self-assured way. When I was felled by a stomach virus early in the reception, Olivia kept things going, getting my sister, who is a nurse to help me, and the reception going at the same time, and kept my husband calm too. Our guests barely noticed that I was gone, they were having a great time, and when I got back up on my feet , the fun continued. And that's important, Olivia is ready for anything and everything when things don't go as planned, her assistant Ashley was there on the wedding day to make sure that even when Olivia wasn't, everything was running smoothly. Even after the reception ended, Olivia was there for us, arranging with the catering manager to deliver our cake topper and cake to us and sending our book of vows to us from the church. Brides-to-Be, if you need a planner, look no further than Olive Fine Weddings & Events, you will not be disappointed !"


Leslie Carrère, Principle, Treman Center, Ithaca, NY

"Olivia Moore Nicoletti's wedding at the Treman Center summer of 2017 was over a year of in depth planning with excellent communication. We agreed to take on a large wedding not typical for our place, because of her expert coordinating skills as a professional event planner in Chicago. 

Throughout the year we engaged with calls, emails and meetings from a formal tasting with the caterer at the center to detailed spreadsheets covering everyone, everything and intricate staging details including an enormous tent that filled the field. 

From contact information of all involved to hourly time sheets of set up, rehearsal, day of, brunch following and elaborate decor, the result was a seamless perfect day wedding event of 300 people including the caterer and wait staff of 30. 

If you are looking for an event planner for whatever your celebration or gathering may be, I highly recommend Olivia for her creative and charming nature and her professional skill set in making it the best."


Ashley J., Washington, DC

"AMAZING! Olivia came on board as our wedding coordinator a few months before our wedding and it was truly the best decision we made. In fact, if I could do it over again I would have hired her when I first started planning the wedding. Olivia was so organized and on top of everything. She was always available to chat if I had any questions or concerns. The day of, Olivia and Ella made sure everything ran smoothly and that everyone was where they needed to be on time. They helped set up the reception, which looked amazing, coordinated with vendors, even ran out during the reception to grab eye lash glue, and had everything cleaned up and in my suite at the end of the night. I did not have to worry about anything! I had multiple people come up and tell me how much they loved our planners. They really were the best!"

via Chic Weddings & Events


Katy Daneshvar, Owner, Le Chateau de Crystale, Washington, DC

"I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Olivia Moore twice, now. She is incredibly great at what she does as an event coordinator. She stays calm under pressure, anticipates your needs and is an excellent communicator. As a business owner, myself, I recognize the qualities tolook for in another vendor. Weddings are a big deal--as big as they get-- and I get asked all the time who I would recommend for certain services. If I can't think of someone in the first three seconds, they haven't earned my referral! Olivia certainly has earned that privilege and I am at ease knowing my clients are in good hands. Looking forward to our next endeavor, together!"

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Bride & Groom

Julie & Erik Linton, Virginia

"To say that I was overwhelmed at the thought of planning a wedding would be an understatement.  I was completely terrified and had no idea where to start.  Luckily, my sister knew of a girl, Olivia, who was interested in becoming a wedding planner.  After our first conversation, I knew I had made the right decision.  

Olivia is such a sweet person, always upbeat, and ridiculously organized.  We would have weekly conversations to chat about our timeline and what needed to be completed next.   I am a bit of a procrastinator (ok, a big procrastinator), so she would keep me on track.   She was in touch with my vision of our perfect day and found the best people to get the job done.  I love how Olivia is so dedicated without ever being pushy.  

Our wedding was absolutely perfect, and we couldn’t have done it without Olivia!"

                                                                                                       -Julie and Erik


Catherine Pearce, Conference Services Manager, Wintergreen Resort, Wintergreen, VA

"I have had the pleasure these past few months to work with Olivia Moore as the wedding coordinator for the Larkin/Linton Wedding event, culminating yesterday and a hugely successful affair.

Olivia was efficient from the booking of the vent, through the planning and selection stages and effective in handling the rehearsal (in the pouring rain!) and the day-of coordinating with a professional manner and a smile that was genuine.

Her communication was clear and I felt she had the couple's ideas and ideals in hand so with her help, the resort was able to shine and we were able to provide the perfect event for them.

I would highly recommend Olivia and her expertise to any couple seeking guidance through the maze of wedding planning. She can take any event and turn it into the vision perceived."