Julie + Erik: Mountaintop Wedding

A few years ago, a college friend reached out and said, "You always talk about being a wedding planner. Well, my sister is engaged, overwhelmed, and just wants to show up at her wedding. Can you help her?"

Shortly thereafter, I met Julie and Erik who would become my first-ever wedding clients. They were laid-back and somehow totally cool with the fact that I had never done this before. 

Little did I know, that this experience would teach me so much and inspire the dream that is Olive Fine Weddings & Events. 

I worked with J&E for over a year, crafting their perfect wedding. They wanted to get married in the hazy Virginia summer and most importantly, they wanted a venue that could accommodate all guests overnight. After all, although they met in Virginia, they hailed from the same small Upstate NY town. 

After many phone calls and late-night Googling sessions, we stumbled upon Wintergreen Resort, a cozy VA ski resort nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was perfect. With the lush green background, Julie chose colors from the coral, peach, and yellow family to reflect the warm summer sun. 

All photos courtesy of Sharmila Photography.

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